Raphael In Action

Raphael is a wonder soap composed of a unique formula

with medicinal properties.

Every day we receive more and more feedbacks from patients who have had a significant relief and returned to they’re routine life, feedbacks about 

conditions such as:





                                       Vaginal fungus


                                   Wounds and burns 

            (including diabetes mellitus and pressure ulcers)

                       Atopic dermatitis -  (Asthma of the skin)

                                            Skin care

                                        Skin Infection



  Soap Ingredients :   soap base, vegetable glycerin, olive oil, coconut oil, 

               green tea, sugar, castor oil, rosemary, geranium, sodium bicarbonate.


Raphael came into the world and brought with it a gift

for human skin.

You are welcome to contact us, ask, consult and catch

up and share.