How did it all begin?

My name is river Aharon and I am the man who

"Raphael" revealed his secrets to him.

Raphael is dear to my heart and many people are uniquely

touched by it.

I want to share with you here who Raphael is and "how it all


Ever since I know myself, I’m an inventor and an


I had a constant curiosity for learning and the ability to see

details and materials and connect them together to make

products that would contribute and support other people.

Everything I have "invented" to this day has always

contributed to the environment, to my inner values and to

the well-being of others.

One evening, not long ago, I was sitting with a close friend,

whom I greatly admire. And while the conversation was

rolling, I expressed an inner vision, a refined and deep

vision - "I want to heal people."

It was a kind of an inner request, attached to a deep feeling

that I was ready to make such a request.

And here begins the story...

The inner vision was answered!

Each time one product is born into this world, the next

product is already seeking its way to be born within me.

And this time ...

I went out to create a soap.

My original goal was to produce a soap for one purpose,

but when I used it "accidentally" for other purposes, I

noticed that the skin was responding to it in an unusual


My self-study led me to realize the healing properties of the

skin and it was exhilarating.

* A wound in the hand was strangely closed.

* My father, who suffered from a diabetic wound and was

treated with Iodine for a period of time (without any visible

change), agreed to experiment with the use of the soap,

and already on the same day a positive change was felt.

*A neighbor, who is also diagnosed with diabetes and his

whole body is covered with wounds (a very unpleasant

sight), agreed to experiment with the soap.

And a new insight was born: I'm going on an


This soap has something interesting for me and for all my

fellow humans.

Bleeding and secreting wounds in the hands, legs, chest

and abdomen, from which he suffers for two years, that

were treated with the most advanced medical creams and

special bandages, to no avail - stopped bleeding and

secretions, and within ten days, an amazing recovery and

healing was achieved.

And since then, every day I see more and more uplifting

cases of recovery and healing:

A sore wound on the back of another patient's foot showed

signs of change during the first few hours of treatment with

soap, and within a short time the wound was completely


A 3rd degree burn from a chemical substance, treated with

ointments and given by doctors at least three months of

recovery, started healing immediately with the use of the


Unusual skin conditions, which I’ve never seen before, are

being healed.


Different types of eczemas and skin viruses.


Different types of rashes.

A whole world of healing opens ...

And it seems that wherever the soap reaches, something in

the heart of the people that meet with it opens up.

And I hope for more and more meetings between people

and Raphael. Meetings of recovery, healing and well-being.

Today I'm no longer alone.

We created a group of people, happy, curious and loving

people and together we discover new things every day

about this wonderful "product".

So, what we know so far that Raphael can do is the


It calms irritated and inflamed skin, it is anti-inflammatory,

accelerates recovery and healing, removes the dead and

weak cells and thus allows the body to produce new cells.

Cleans and refreshes facial skin, excellent for treating

herpes zoster, constricting hemorrhoids, good for acne

treatment, good for eczemas, scrapes dry skin from the

heels, treats well burns as a result of laser hair reduction,

and allows a reaction free treatment.

And in particular,

We are excited by all the special stories that flow to us

every day and appear here on the site.

On our site you will find content, pictures of people who

have contributed their healing process for the well-being of

all of us, and feedbacks from patients.

You are invited to join us on this fascinating journey, and to

experience it for yourself.

We are available for questions, guidance and support.